In Adippsa, we are dedicated to project and construction management. We design and execute management strategies, manage contracting of trade contractors, develop feasibility studies, and manage all aspects of the construction process to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We invest ourselves, our values and reputation to ensure that we are the only piece you need to solve the whole construction puzzle.

1.Project Feasibility

Based on the analysis and studies developed by experts in the construction field, we can determine the possibilities a project has to be carried out successfully.

2.Development Consulting

We gather together specialists, investors, and owners by developing long-term strategies that make possible taking advantage of the opportunities and reduce risks on construction projects.

3.Design Management

We coordinate the design process of a project by working together with the different technical and engineering areas, which results in better communication, the avoiding of costly mistakes, and making it easier for the project to be on schedule.

4.Engineering Design and Operating Costs Management

We analyze the costs and feasibility of a project before construction begins making sure that the budget and schedule are on track.

5.Planning, programming and Contractor Management

We develop planning diagrams, building programming, and coordinate contractors' work to allow savings on costs while obtaining results that carry the expected quality.

6.Budget Control

We make sure that no extra work or requirements arise once the building phase of a project has begun, making sure that the original budget is not modified.

7.Quality Control

We task our engineering team to measure constantly the quality of the construction carried out by the contractors.

8.Implementation Support

We help owners to kick start the operation of their buildings by implementing different strategies and procedures.